About Us

For many individuals, waste is simply part of their every day life –the discarded parts of what has been used and is no longer useful.

It’s not considered a commodity in the slightest, in fact, it’s seen as a grudge item to be dealt with by councils, over flowing landfills or vagrants digging through dustbins. Yet for many, recyclable waste is a means to an income, it creates a livelihood. Realising that there was a need to create a form of sustainable income through recycling the lower income earning communities, was how Trashback first originated.

From its humble beginnings in Hout Bay, to a now multi-national enterprise, with collection hubs situated in Cape Town, Lusaka and Johannesburg, Trashback has succeeded in creating over 500 opportunities for the homeless, informal & low skill sectors. Trashback has come a long way and has no intention of slowing down.

We are about more than just job creation, we are about giving people a sense of worth, a spirit of hope, a future to look forward to and a chance to take back ownership of their and our communities, through life skills and technical skill development.