Launch Day Rescheduled! New date finalised for 3rd September 2011!

Due to personal circumstances, one of the key role players at our launch event was unable to attend the launch day that was originally scheduled for the 20th of August 2011. But fear not, because we have ruffled the water from our feathers, tethered our reshuffled schedules to our foreheads and put our best feet forward at full speed. Our long awaited launch event will now be held on the 3RD of SEPTEMBER 2011 from 1pm to 4pm at the Hout Bay recycling depot. We are even more excited than before, because we now have extra time to make sure that the event is absolutely unforgettable!

The final countdown begins, 22 days until launch!


2 responses to “Launch Day Rescheduled! New date finalised for 3rd September 2011!

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