Enviro-club visit

On Thursday the 18th of August the Trashback team visited the kids from the Enviro-club at the Hout Bay High School in the Hangklip community. Isabella and Nqobizitha, two volunteers from UCT’s Green Campus Initiative, were there to lend a hand, taking photos and notes while Nicholas and Andrew gave the kids the low down about the launch day and beyond. These 30 school goers (grades 10-12) will be the “seeders” for the launch of the Trashback uphinda-phindo! project, and are the initial link to the community, spreading the word about converting rubbish into rewards.

We asked the Enviro-troopers to bring along one friend or family member to the launch event on the 3rd of September. To make sure everybody gets involved in the festivities, we are offering some awesome promotional goodies to all the kids (and their plus ones) who bring in a minimum of 1 full black bag worth of sorted recycling on the day.

As an example of how the project will run after the launch, we will also be giving out rewards to Top collectors at the launch event. Rubbish bags have been left at the school and the kids will have until the day of the launch event to collect as many recyclables as possible for a chance to win these Top collector rewards. The 20 attendees that have collected the most recyclables will be rewarded on the launch day.

Less than two weeks to go! We are all extremely excited, but certainly not as much as the kids!


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