UrBin Design Comp Top 3

After much debate and scrutiny of the awesome designs that were submitted for our UrBin design comp, the TrashBack team along with judges: Lyall and Marc (thingking), Danielle (liv), Jaco and Iming (Thrive) have decided the top 3 (in no specific order). Please vote on your favourite design (at the bottom of this post) so that we get a feel for your preference:

Courtney September: Cupboard Love

My idea for this Project was to design a bin, as the brief said that would clearly indicate that it’s a bin that would hold “clothes only”. What many of us are familiar with is our cupboard that holds our clothes for us. I therefore took the standard bin size and shaped, and then Designed it to look like it was made out of real knotty pine wood, but it would just be neatly wrapped in wooden textured vinyl similar to a cupboard or a chest of drawers. This would give the bin a wooden texture making it look like it’s made of wood. The front view of the bin then has 2 artificial doors stuck to it making it look like a real 3 dimensional cupboard. The right side of the bin then has 4 artificial drawers giving you the illusion that it is a chest of drawers on the side.

I added in a hanger, which hangs over one of the door knobs. On the hanger hangs a white cloth that says “Clothes Only”, to add more char- acter to the bin.

My choice of placement of the logos was similar to where we normally put stickers on our cupboard. It is easy to see because of the bright colours of the logos and the transparent background which makes the logos pop out even better.

Etienne Britz: Re-Shape

Like the image of a dress or a shirt, the wheelie bin is an instant recognizable shape. No matter the colour, location or scale, perceptually its shape is directly linked to its function: waste disposal. The ambitious task of changing this perception should not be attempted without proper socio-economical and financial support. As time and budget is of great concern, let’s not change perceptions, let’s rather change the shape!

The new shape reflects aspect of the intended use of the new bin. Using basic, highly recognizable imagery alters the perception of the wheelie bins usage from a trash disposal vessel to a clothing storage trunk. While the T-shirt shape offers a recognizable image, it also creates opportunity of branding directly incorporated into the design. Constructed using standard plywood panels, the final design resemble the interior of a wardrobe with different bright shirts hanging in a row. The colours provide an interesting three-dimensional quality, a playful effect on the eye as one walk or drive past the re-shaped bin.

Nadia Smith: Clothing Basket

The design I have chosen to do is to make the bin look like a laundry basket. This will clearly communicate that the bin is for clothes only, because people don’t put rubbish in their laundry baskets. The idea of showing folded clothes through the holes in the bin will indicate that the clothes are clean and that people must put clean clothes in the bin. I have decided to use colourful materials that have many patterns on them to show the fun and colourful side of clothes donation.

The way that the bin will be made is by cutting out the wholes in the bin and then rolling material into rolls and layering them on the inside. There will also be an inside liner so that the clothes don’t mix with the materials.


3 responses to “UrBin Design Comp Top 3

  1. I really like Courtney September’s cupboard love idea it is awesome and really looks real

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