A final Binge and New Binginnings

The TrashBack UrBin Design Competition has sadly come to a colourful and creative end, but what an adventure has Bin! The build off finale held on Saturday April 14th saw our top-dog designers (in a very particular, winning kind of order) Nadia Smith, Courtney September and Etienne Britz, battle it off for the three rather grand prizes. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all three of these passionate peeps, we know you all put in a lot of effort and we really appreciate the fact that your hard work manifested into three fantastic finished pieces, so well done! Here’s a look at the the finished products.

Nadia's clothing basket

Courtney's cupboard love

Etienne’s re-shape

And to all our sponsors, you guys really helped to make this what it was, so a huge thanks to all the great guys and gals at Aquila, Daddy’s World, Sampleboard, Ramfest, Flamjangled, Butlers. You guys rock our recycling world! Then, thanks to our wonderful judges Marc (thingking), Danielle (liv), Jaco and Iming (Thrive), who helped us immensely to make a very difficult, multifaceted call on which bin was the bestest. And lastly but certainly not leastly, a shout out to two of our very talented mates, Kimon and Josh, who helped set and capture the mood. Finally a thanks to the creatives who helped spread the love: Margaret and Sean at CPUT Charles at AAA and Ilze at Inscape. Thanks guys!

But just because the comp is over, doesn’t mean it’s the end. These lovely clothing bins are going to be moving around our city: starting with Nadia’s clothing basket which will be at the Clothes Swap event at UCT as part of Green Week 2012. This will give you a chance to refresh your wardrobe – simply take your old clothes to earn buttons and spend the buttons on other clothes! It’s going down this Friday so check the event here and don’t miss out!

You can track all our bin locations at any time on our UrBin map:

To give you some idea of what we have planned for the next little while, TrashBack will be

  • Launching a new, updated rewards system in Imizamo Yethu in the next few weeks,
  • Continuing to expand our bicycle recycling collections in Hout Bay,
  • And will be working on consolidating our core ideas to take over the world!



2 responses to “A final Binge and New Binginnings

  1. “starting with Courtney’s clothing basket which will be at the Clothes Swap event at UCT as part of Green Week 2012.” isnt this suppose to be Nadia’s Bin?

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