Cleaning Up the Creek


What started out as a social experiment at Rocking the Daisies last year has now become an inherent part of our activities: having fun while keeping festivals clean! After Synergy and Resonance NYE, we set up our TrashBack station at the Up The Creek Festival from 31.Jan – 3.Feb near Swellendam. We worked alongside the Greenpop team, who did an amazing job keeping the festival clean and green!

Our aim at Up the Creek was to test a concept that we’ve been playing with – being environmentally responsible can be fun! So on top of the usual rewards for rubbish campaign, we collected plastic bottles to build a recycled raft with Mitchell’s.
raft collage
The floating couch was built from plastic bottles stuffed into old malt and sugar bags, which were then attached to a metal frame, designed by Lyall Sprong of ThingKing. The couch was a huge success – what better place to sit back with a beer and watch amazing local bands than floating on the breede river!

DCIM100GOPROCigarette butts still pose the biggest problem at outdoor festival, as they cannot be swept up, but this time we encouraged festival goers also to collect plastic cups and bottles as well as cans.

For each recyclable item or cup full of stompies, participants received t(rash)Bucks, which were recorded against their name. Once they had collected enough tBucks, they could choose their reward ranging from Red Bull, BOS ice tea,Mitchell’s beer to Rolling Stone t-shirts and Lilo web design’sinflatable toys.  Our target was to collect 500 plastic bottles, 500 cans and 10 000 cigarette butts. The results are here:


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