recycling collection hubs / buy back centres

Who is TrashBack Collections?

TrashBack is a social and environmental impact business that provides a high-tech, professional recycling collection service that is logistically streamlined and socially responsible – we create entrepreneurial opportunities through collecting recyclables from organisations such as yours.

Our technology provides a development tool for driven people who need income opportunities. It allows us to monitor all activity to ensure that a reliable service is provided to the organisations and guarantee that the rewards go to those who deserve them.

Your Role

We all generate waste, much of which is recyclable and has value. As a local organisation, you have the ability to help empower the informal recycling collections sector. All you have to do is separate recyclables from other waste and allow one of our agents to collect the recyclables from your premises.

How do we do it?

We are not a Waste Management Company

TrashBack is not a waste management company as they are commonly known within South Africa. Our main aim is to structure those who are traditionally known as “waste pickers” into formalized waste collectors. We create the framework and necessary management framework to aid with organising themselves and developing local strategies for participation in existing waste management systems. TrashBack creates the bridge between the waste source and the collector through a structure business approach to collections clients such as yourselves and formalized collectors.

We believe in aiming for the double zero principle – 0% carbon emissions 0% to landfill. Thus we utilise man powered and low carbon emission logistics such as bikes and trailers and encourage separation at source. This not only reduces the environmental impact of companies but also further increases the job opportunities available within the recycling value chain.


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