Why would a recycler consider software?

Traditionally Software has been seen as a tool for buy back centres and that which is available is expensive and complex to operate. Most BBC’s are run on a manual-tech system meaning that at some point in the process a staff member has to enter data into a system; this causes issues on several levels:

  • Leaves the BBC open for fraudulent transaction
  • Mis-information or finger trouble
  • Misalignment between cash on site and cash in the draw

The next problem encountered or feared by most BBC’s owners and operators is that of theft. Many BBC’s take extraordinary safety measures to ensure that they are not viewed as soft targets for criminals looking for an easy score. There are several platforms out there, which offer a cashless payment option however they are fragmented and per transaction costs are high. What if you could have a platform, which integrated everything from cash payments to printing vouchers for preferred retailers? No more cash on site – Yes!

Our software offering

TrashBack’s software simplifies waste management operations and provides the required functionality to monitor: operations, material flow and finances – delivering a system, which not only provides access to key operational insights your business, but fulfils the role of a sophiti-simplistic Waste Management financial platform .

Our interface has been designed with ultimate keep-it-simple usage in mind meaning ease of use, little room for fraud and minimal training.

The system is built around biometric (a finger print scanner forBGI0229 those with out a degree in IT) recognition, allowing monitoring of any supplier with the swipe of a finger. Basic process: Scan your finger – create a profile – weigh materials – Rand amount is allocated your account – money is either drawn via vouchers/online cash or left for a rainy day. This means that you can pay your fre
quent suppliers at the end of the day or end of the week. No daily bank runs with huge bank charges.
Online and offline functionality (so if the internet connections is a bit dodgy no worries your still running) and can run off a desk top or mobile devices allowing the systems to be used in any environment, from the city to the middle of no where – either onsite, or on the go. Even better this system integrates with most digital scales meaning that your finger trouble starts to melt away and since it has a material tracking module double checking your scale operators figures is a simple report.