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We have streamlined the key systems and infrastructure required to run an efficient and successful recyclable collection centre in various environments. The systems include:

  • automated recyclable drop-off with personal accounts
  • distribution of earnings to participants
  • measurement and quality control
  • sorting, storage and volume reduction
  • collection logistics management
  • accounting and reporting
  • marketing and advertising material
  • management
  • links into voucher redemption partners
  • connections to the market & preferential pricing

It is envisaged that TrashBack centres will provide a low risk option for starting up a recycling buy-back site with higher chance of success. We aim to create enterprise development opportunities, enabling entrepreneurs to co-own and run the centres, while realizing the benefits of TrashBack systems and support.


This flexible and replicable model for TrashBack centres is aimed at establishment in existing buildings of 200-500m2. It is designed for flexibility to accommodate recyclable buy-back from various sources such as: households, businesses, trolley pushers and collection operators.


This scaled-down version of the urban TrashBack centre is designed to be portable for rapid deployment and establishment. All systems are integrated into shipping containers that can be scaled according to the size of the operation, from an open piece of land to a school or community centre.

To start using our systems, set up a TrashBack hub or enquire further, please contact us.


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